About Us


Simplicity is essential to web design

Simplicity is one of our guiding design principles. By focusing on the useful information and the main things users want to do – carefully selecting elements to be emphasised – interfaces become easier to to use and navigate.

Simplicity, simplicity paradox

We stick to standards

Conforming to standards has helped guide the Web to realise its full potential. Following the tremendous growth of the web from its original specifications authored by Tim Berners-Lee, many design and coding standards have since been established – enhancing the internet user experience.

Design standards, web standards

We focus on usability

Usability is critical to user-centred design. When users are interacting easily with a user interface, they hardly notice it is there, the interface almost disappears, concentrating fully on their goal.

Usability seeks to make products easier to use

Our websites are accessible

Creating websites that are accessible – making the Web available to everyone – is our guiding philosophy. The Web has enormous potential for disabled people: it offers a full range of information, services, entertainment and social interaction; enabling them to enjoy more independence by helping them do many things they could not otherwise do. Online shopping and internet banking are good examples.

Why accessibility matters

Our websites and contents are findable

Success on the Web is largely determined by being found or located by your target audience. With millions of pages on the Web, websites need to help users find content and search engines find your website.

Making web content more findable

We use open source software and operating systems

Open source applies to software for which the source code is freely available to view, make changes to and redistribute. Open source software is developed and maintained by a community of developers and users, motived by a desire to create good software rather than making a profit.

Open source, free software and operating systems