Usability of Pathway Pages

Pathway pages in action

An alternative to using drop-down menus are pathway pages – a parent page of a section. On pathway pages our trigger words are not hidden and make navigation easier. And if you think navigating with something other than drop-down menus means more clicking, here’s a reminder of what’s really important for navigation usability:

Start quote

It doesn’t matter how many times I have to click, as long as each click is a mindless, unambiguous choice.
Steve Krug, Why Users Like Mindless Choices, Peachpit

End quote

Test scenario

Your goal, as outlined in the full scenario, is to choose a tour you like on this travel website; find out what dates are available and what the costs are.

Typical participant’s test sequence

  1. Our test participant chooses All TOURS from the main menu.

    TravelQuest Tours – homepage
  2. She scans the pathway page of available tours and decides to look at the Norway Aurora trip.

    Upcoming Tours – pathway page
  3. On the Norway Aurora trip page, pricing appears as button and link, the trip dates are clearly indicated.

    2015 Norway Aurora tour – trip details page
  4. The Norway Aurora trip pricing page has comprehensive information about the trip costs.

    2015 Norway Aurora tour – trip pricing page


  • Our participant had a goal; not just to look around the website, but search for information on a travel trip to help answer key questions.
  • She did that by searching for her trigger words as formulated by the task.
  • She found those trigger words easily as they were clearly visible on the page.
  • She was able to complete the task with no or few errors.