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The next best thing to watching and getting feedback from real users is to monitor the traffic on your website. Web analytics, like the free Google Analytics, are powerful tools that can provide you with a myriad of data as to how your website is being used. But analytics has limitations and must be viewed in context, as author and publisher Lou Rosenfeld reminds us:

Start quote tells you what is happening, it tells you about behaviour and not why things are happening...
Lou Rosenfeld, Lou Rosenfeld on Search Analytics, Boagworld

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The purpose of Web analytics is to show trends rather than exact numbers – usabiltiy testing can help uncover why things are happening.

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Matching web analytics with qualitative customer insights will give you a much broader and deeper understanding of customer interaction.
–usabilitynews, Web Analytics and User Experience – How they can work together

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With a Google Analytics tracking setup, you can:

  • See which key pages users are visiting, what devices they are using to access your website and how long they are staying
  • Find out which countries users are coming from
  • Create different profiles, called Views, to segment traffic by country, city or town; social networks like Facebook and Twitter; page name or directory
  • Track marketing campaigns via e-mail, social media or referral websites; see how many people responded to which medium – for example how many visitors came via e-mail or Facebook
  • Track links to content that are not standard pageviews like PDF downloads, YouTube videos
  • Block internal visitors, for example staff, marketing and developers that could be skewing the traffic data
  • Run experiments; test different layouts and content options and have Google Analytics compare them

The knowledge gained from anayltics stats can help you make informed decisions about your online strategy.

Let us make sense of your analytics data

From our wealth of Web experience, we can make sense of the data and mine what’s really useful. Because an analytics interface like Google’s is very complicated, it can seem a daunting task to use. We make sense of their data in more meaningful ways, creating our own graphs and tables.

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If you build a Web site, you must have a solid reason for doing so. Once the Web site is operational, it is crucial to understand how well it works – failure to do so is a waste of time and money.
Hurol Inan, Measuring the Success of your Web site

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By showing you what is happening on your website, you can make improvements and test them, continually making your website better for your audience.

Google Analytics accounts can be easily shared, which would allow us to access your Web stats data.

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