Successful websites

Building successful websites is about strategy, based on answering two important questions:

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  1. What do we want to get out of this site?
  2. What do our users want to get out of it?
Jesse James Garrett, The Elements of User Experience page 40

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Those two questions, user needs and business requirements, form the foundation for every decision – they help establish the direction of how the website will look and behave. Understanding your organisation and your customers starts with research.

Let us help you with your Web strategy. Our experience could highlight things you haven’t thought of yet or maybe turn an existing idea upside down. Knowing what you’re building will help guide the website’s strategy, which will influence every other website element; from its information architecture to the content and visual design. Incorporating a benchmarking exercise into the strategy would be very useful, especially if your organisation already has competitors online.

Measuring success

So how will you know if you’ve created a successful website? A website project requires considerable investment in time and money – measuring its success is important for all stakeholders. By setting success metrics, you can help determine how well you’re meeting your strategic goals. Those metrics could be:

  • Measuring return visits to your website
  • Measuring how many visitors a particular page or section of the website attracts and how long they stay
  • How many subscribers to a newsletter or news update service you receive
  • The amount of referral visits you get from other websites, including social media websites
  • How well your website or product is positioned on search engine indexes

Let us help you with your project strategy.

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