Numbers game could be bad for your health

Randburg Sun,

A local resident gives excellent advice in my community newspaper: use more imaginative building names to aid emergency the services.

From the Randburg Sun, letters to the editor:

O M Swart of North Riding writes:

In Sundowner there is Brushwood Village, Brushwood Gardens, Brushwood Villa and now Brushwood Estate.

Two weeks ago a paramedic ambulance appeared, looking for number 15. Our gate plainly states numbers 20-40 Brushwood Village, so we directed him to Douglas Road from where he could gain access to number 15. Subsequently, a fire engine, the police and another paramedic arrived in our complex at intervals and we had to direct them too.

Don’t the emergency services have correct maps? And why don't the developers of these complexes use more imagination in their choice of names so as to prevent such situations occurring?